Kleeneze and Klife Online

Networking and Social Selling is sweeping across the world.  It combines the Internet’s two most popular activities – social media (e.g. Facebook, Twitter and more) and online shopping (e.g. eBay, Amazon and millions of others).  Who doesn't love to shop from the comfort of their home?


Social Selling involves the sale of products through an online store, personal recommendation or using our brochure method. This allows Social Networkers to earn money any time night or day.

As an online Social Networker you simply post pictures, descriptions and prices of products from your online shop.  This can be through social media platforms and other marketing sites and apps. You make money every time someone places an order with you.

We provide you with your own online store, which you brand in your own name and it comes complete with thousands of popular, great value household products from our main range. Our product line includes clothes, electrical goods, kids items, bedding, garden products, kitchen gadgets, as well as top branded items.

For those who prefer to use our traditional method, our glossy brochures, we have a unique system which enables you to build up a customer base in your local area. This means delivering brochures and products ordered to people's homes during the day or early evening.

You are not limited to one particular method of sales. You can work your business online and offline, or you can just do one, the choice is yours.

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