Kleeneze Success Story - Dave & Jill

Kleeneze Success Stories

In April 2007, Jill and Dave found themselves facing a dramatic change in their financial circumstance. Dave was having to undergo surgery and as a result was forced to step down from a well paid position and take a job with less pay. This caused a significant dent in their income and things started to become tight. Realisation set in that something needed to be done to get them back on track financially, and both Jill and Dave started scouring the internet for a new way to make money.

This is how the couple came across Kleeneze, an opportunity which they first described as possibly being 'too good to be true!'. As all sensible business people do, they investigated the business further and spoke in more detail about the business opportunity with their soon-to-be upline. The pair were amazed at the successful history of Kleeneze and the incredible opportunities that it had opened up for the current people within the business. Without hesitation they joined the business and started with the premium pack 200, after all, the more catalogues they put out the more money they could make! In their first month of business Jill and Dave not only returned their investment they also went into profit.

The freedom from working from home is one of the key benefits of joining Kleeneze, and they have now been joined by Jill's brother and wife making it into quite a family business! Dave & Jill are currently in qualification for one of Kleeneze’s incredible international conferences – an all expenses paid trip to New York staying in the luxurious Waldorf Astoria! It looks like they will be doing their Christmas shopping in the famous Big Apple this year!

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