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Kleeneze People

Kleeneze People

At the ICC in Birmingham at our Kleeneze new year conference in January 2017, we had a photo with a few of our team members. Lots had already left, or were watching online.

So, who actually joins Kleeneze? What short of Kleeneze people will join the team? Well to be honest, anyone can! Everyone is welcome. To join, please click here.

As long as you are over 18, then anyone can join. We have such a diverse range of skills among our team - that's what its great and just works. We work with you and show you and teach you everything. You are not on your own.

Kleeneze People in the team

Among us, we have the following previous and current professions, plus many, many more:-

Police Office

Operations Manager


Beauty Therapist

Childrens Party Entertainer

Mobile wedding hair and makeup artist

College Lecturer

Structural Civil Engineer

Long distance lorry driver

Cashier at a supermarket


Stay at home Mum

Stay at home Dad




The point I am getting at here, is that people join Kleeneze for a whole range of reasons. A vast range of ages, professions and skill sets make up our Kleeneze People. Whatever your reason, whatever your skill set, we can help YOU! YOU just need to be willing to learn.

We believe that being in business should be fun. You should enjoy what you are doing. Being your own boss and working towards building your own future can sometimes be hard. Not to mention scary. Working together with a great team of fantastic Kleeneze People certainly puts entertainment into each day. We have a great support group already in place for you.

For more information on how we can help you, then do please get in contact with us. We do look forward to helping you. Whether its to earn that extra £50 per week that really can make a difference, or to make a lifestyle change. Kleeneze really can give you that.

If you would like to join, then please click here.

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