First Announced VivaMK Beauty Brand Directors

Oh my goodness! Feeling like a little child on Christmas morning is an understatement. I am just a tad excited...... Actually, jumping up and down more like!!!

Our Managing Director, Michael Khatkar, has announced that I am to be one of the first EVER VivaMK Beauty Brand Directors! Apparently our applications were utterly compelling.

VivaMK is a Peoples Business, and this is just such an honour to be chosen to help push our company name out there to get our brand recognised.

Our VivaMK beauty products are amazing quality and value for money, I use them myself. They match any of the other high street, named products, which are far more expensive. So why pay more? Our products are up to 1/3 cheaper than other named products, and perform just as well.

Our make up, is cruelty free and vegan friendly, so no concerns there either.

Our first beauty catalogue has gone down an absolute storm with our customers already, with repeat orders already flooding in. Over the next few months, watch this space for our range of beauty products to increase. I really cant wait to try them - one of the perks of being a brand director is we get to test them before they are in the catalogue.......

Get in contact with me, if you would like to find out more - love what you do!

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