Kleeneze Draught Buster

The Kleeneze Draught Buster is a fantastic way of keeping draughts out, and warmth in!

Kleeneze Draught Buster

Kleeneze Draught Buster

This is a plastic draught buster which is supplied in a standard door width size of 76cm, although it can easily be cut down to fit narrower doors. It fits all standard internal doors.

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Benefits of the Kleeneze Draught Buster

  • Saves money - by preventing heat loss, meaning energy bills are reduced

  • Simply slides on - no tools or fixing required

  • Moves with the door - no need to reposition

  • Easily trim to fit

You can buy it here.

How does the Kleeneze Draught Buster work?

If you have a gap under your internal doors, then the warm air can escape, and the cold air then enters. Once you have fitted the Kleeneze Draught Buster onto the door, this then prevents the warm air from escaping, and keeps the cold air blocked out.

As you open as close the door, the Kleeneze draught buster moves with the door, so there is no need to keep moving the product. It simply moves with the door.

Kleeneze Draught Buster

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