Kleeneze Mexico 2017

Kleeneze Mexico 2017

Kleeneze Mexico 2017

No, this may look like I am doing an advert for L'Oreal (because I'm worth it lol), but its not!

This was Mark and I up on the stage at the ICC in Birmingham at our Kleeneze new year conference in January 2017.

We were so happy. Kleeneze had put on a competiton for selling the most Christmas baubles. Out of all of the Kleeneze distributors in the company, we came 6th. So were in the draw for the amazing 5 star trip of a lifetime to Kleeneze Mexico 2017..

I cant tell you how tense it was standing up there in front of thousands of people!. Not to mention knowing that thousands were also watching all over the country (and the world). We had a 1 in 10 chance of our names being pulled out to go to Kleeneze Mexico 2017.

Anyway, as the tombola machine was being spun round, one of the glass balls that contained the names, fell out and smashed. Down to fate, this was used as the winning name as the person going to Kleeneze Mexico 2017. It was only the lady standing next to me with the champagne.

She was gobsmacked - she has not been abroad for the past 14 years! Well done Janet!

Only in Kleeneze!

Massive thank you to all of our fabulous Kleeneze customers for their purchases of the Christmas glass baubles to put us in the draw in the first place. We really do appreciate you all!

Kleeneze Mexico 2017 video

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