KLite 10 programme - a lighter you in 2017

KLite 10 Programme

KLite 10 Programme

So you can probably guess that the number one New Year's resolutions was throughout the country. Yep - to lose weight!

Did you too have a rather over indulgent festive season like me? We can all feel guilty and pledge to live a little healthier from now on.

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However, most of the resolutions only last a matter of weeks (I know, I was surprised it was that long as well). So, how can we stop breaking all of these good intentions?

Well, help is on hand. You can do it, along with our KLite 10 programme!

New You

The faster you see results, the more likely you will be to keep going. This is the beauty of KLife's new KLite 10 programme. KLite 10 is a 10 day detox and weight loss pack It provides you with that intial boost you need to transform your body. You will notice a change in your looks. You will feel more energised by following the simple 10 day programme.

The pack contains meal replacement, which are clinically proven to contribute towards weight loss. Capsules to aid weight loss. A KCleanse juice, 3 health supplements. Plus there is a also a FREE KLife shaker making it easy for when you are on the go.

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KLite 10 Programme

This 10 day plan will give you the kick start you need, Where it is easy to follow, it works, plus it is only a short amount of time to maintain. Once you see the results quickly coming in, it will give you that boost to carry on with the healthy eating plan.

To help you out even more, we've created an online Facebook support group. You can swap tips, recipes, get motivation and ask questions to those who have already completed the plan.

10 days to change the way you feel and kick start your transformation! KLite 10 here

Come along and join my KLite 10 Programme, Facebook page, ask questions and feel free to add your story.

KLite 10 Programme video

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