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VivaMK Reviews

At VivaMK, we had the pleasure to celebrate our first International Women's day!

Here are some inspiring stories from some of our fabulous female distributors.

Ivonne Meisel - First ever VivaMK Distributor.........

I am the extremely proud sponsor of the very first EVER VivaMK Distrbutor, Ivonne Meisel!

How she managed to complete the registration form in that amount of time I will never know - unbelievable!  The system kept crashing where so many people were trying to log on to join VivaMK within those very few minutes!  All I can say is, that all of those many, many years of securing front row tickets to see Bryan Adams all over the world has certainly paid off!

Ivonne works her VivaMK business around her job as a Nanny, and she is a German Tutor at a German Saturday School.

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I am very proud to have Ivonne in our team.  She is extremely hard working, dedicated, funny, and I have to say, addicted to Google!  With the sheer determination that Ivonne always has, I know she is going to have an exciting VivaMK future ahead of her, and I am looking forward to the fun we will have together along the way.

Well done Number 1.........

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Ivonne Meisel VivaMK and Michael Khatkar VivaMK.JPG
Emma Mackelden Viva MK, Ivonne Meisel VivaMK, Cynthia Millard Viva MK
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Louise - “It has given me my confidence back after losing my husband”

4 years ago I was introduced to Network Marketing, having previously worked in customer services and 9 years in childminding. I really liked the fact that I could work from home, earning money and have total flexibility with my hours.

I was widowed 6 years ago, with 2 children who are now teenagers.  Both my children have been diagnosed with a lifelong autoimmune condition so working from home has benefited us so much as a family as I can take them to medical appointments when needed and I don’t have to worry when my youngest is off school unwell.

Network Marketing has helped us as a family so much, as it has given me my confidence back after losing my husband so suddenly. Having been involved with 4 different companies since I started this journey, I’ve found my niche! I absolutely love what I do.

The VivaMK Network is so supportive of one another and a fabulous company who really do ensure their network of distributors are valued. I retail successfully online and now I am really enjoying building a team and helping others get started in the business.

My personal goals for the next 2 years are to book another fantastic holiday, as so far my work from home business has enabled us to have fantastic trips to New York, Barcelona, Berlin & Malta. I also would like a new car. Anything is possible with Network Marketing, it’s an exciting journey!

Stacey - “Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets

your soul on fire”

Before joining Network Marketing, I worked nightshift for a well-known retail company, a job that I slowly began to dread going in each night.


Stupidly when I was 18 until I was around 21 I had racked up A LOT of debt, debt that accumulated around £26,000 on various credit cards, car finance, student debt, the list is endless, I didn’t know how I was going to get out of it but I knew that burying my head in the sand just wasn’t an option.

On looking around for another income I saw an advert online, which I thought was a typical ‘job’ –  soon to realise that it in fact was a business opportunity. It sounded like just the type of thing I had been looking for so, placing the last £50 I had on my credit card, I joined. You can say the rest is history.

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Network Marketing to me is the way forward, especially with having my little girl (who won’t stay tiny for long). I don’t want someone else to bring her up and with this it means I get to spend all of my time with her and she will (hopefully) grow to love coming out with me to do my catalogues.

VivaMK is most certainly a new beginning for both me, my family and my team (and the network). It’s fresh, current and definitely the right place, right time. Team Aspiration (my incredible team) hit Premier in month one in the business, even if I didn’t even realise myself that I had hit it until five days into the following month! We have went on to keep a good solid consistent retail each month, as well as consistent sponsoring overall in the team which currently sits at 109 distributers.

My list of personal goals for 2019 seems like it goes on forever, but I’m a big believer of running with an opportunity that is going to create a better life for both you and your family.

To name a few, I would love to work my way to Silver Premier, grow my team to 500+, grow my own personal retail to £2500+ and finally work on me every single day. Achieving these 4 goals, everything else will fall into place. Any goal can be achieved through enough effort, consistent work, persistency and momentum.

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Jules - “I look to the future with a smile”

I run my VivaMK business with my husband Tony from our home in Denton, Northamptonshire.

Our house is manic. We both have full-time jobs, VivaMK and two separate businesses – one based in the US and one in the UK. We have 2 sons aged 17 and 15 (so the house is always loud, full of music and people).  Just to add to the mayhem we have 2 dogs too, a Scottish Terrier called Joe and a West Highland Terrier called Gina.

My ‘job’ experience has been within the banking industry primarily around Information and Cyber Security for major high street banks, having worked in over a dozen countries throughout the world as well as across the United Kingdom.

In addition, I also run a Facebook Marketing business helping small businesses and local rural communities with their social media requirements. I am a semi-professional photographer specialising in portraits and corporate events (although my ‘experiences of a wedding photographer’ would make a good book)!

I have been involved in Network Marketing for over 10 years after being ‘forced’ into it by my husband who was born an entrepreneur.  I was more a job girl and did not understand why anyone would want to walk the streets putting catalogues in doors, but I had promised to always support his ventures so reluctantly went along with it and grew to understand the concept and see the advantages and benefits a MLM business could bring.

I am now in a great position – a new network, VIVAMK; great upline (Debbie Gee); and an amazing team of nearly 40 distributorships, which I consider to be an honour to help and support.

My goals for 2019 is to replace my full-time income so I can work from home and have the freedom I yearn for, throw away the alarm clock and help Tone achieve his goal of being a full-time speaker.

I look to the future with a smile, knowing that everything is coming together and this is just the beginning.

Debbie - “You don’t need money to make money”

At the age of 28, I left the marital home one night with my 4-year-old daughter to escape an intolerable relationship. I had just £7.50 to my name. I was jobless and had made us unavoidably homeless. From rock bottom, I built my life back up to where I am today!

During several hard years to follow I rekindled my career as a Special Needs Language and Communications officer. A job that I found incredibly rewarding, especially finding alternative ways for the children to communicate other than using the spoken language. Life was good! As my confidence grew I trained as a Complimentary therapist using the skills learned to enhance my career working with children.

I came across network marketing when a family member mentioned, in conversation, their new business enterprise. A little dubious and sceptical I took the plunge. Not for one second did I think this ‘extra income’ opportunity would go on to change my life forever!

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I found myself surrounded by people who were really life-enhancing. Never had I come across such fun, positive, entrepreneurial people. Real go-getters. You couldn’t help but get caught up in it all. In short, I set a 5-year goal to pay off my huge mortgage, one I was struggling to pay as a single mum. My life goal was to never lose another home again. I was now on a mission. I found a mentor who believed in me even when, at times, I was struggling to believe in myself. He supported, guided and encouraged me and by the 5th year, all my hard work paid off. I was finally – mortgage free!

Life was better than good; my beautiful daughter left home and went to university to study Business & Entrepreneurship. She’s now a successful, strong, independent young woman- leading the life she desires.

People, it really is all about people. I’m so fortunate to love working with other people. Mentoring by helping, guiding, supporting and offering motivation so they can get out of life whatever they truly desire. I believe this means network marketing is a perfect fit for me. I truly love this industry. So, it will not come as a surprise that when my last NWM company was destroyed by its new owners. I joined forces with all the other disenfranchised distributors, including our MD. To start up in a new company called VivaMK.

I’m so thankful for my entrepreneurial mindset and sheer ‘no fear’ approach that has always been encouraged by my mentors. I set myself a new goal, to build the largest, fastest growing network marketing team in the UK & Ireland. Within 2 months of launch, we saw my team grow to over 2000 distributors and by month 4 well over 3000. Our first trading period of 6 weeks saw a team sales turnover of over £460,000. We know we are onto something good, this really is the people’s business.

My personal belief is; you get rewarded in direct proportion to the value that you bring to people’s lives. You will not necessarily see instant rewards, this is a long-term thing. People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care. I’ve now spent the last 14 years working online using ‘social communication’ to build my network and sell the product. I can mentor anyone who is willing to learn and do exactly the same, build the life of their dreams.

I am now living the life I chose all those years ago. Not only do I work with the most fabulous team of people in my network marketing business. I also now have the time freedom to play a major voluntary role in a charity which helps people who also have found themselves in crisis, for whatever reason.

Your future is too important to leave to chance. I’m now at the financially fabulous stage.

Sharon - “We are incredibly excited at the future we have with VivaMK”

I stumbled into network marketing 16 years ago, when I found a card on my car offering an extra £500 – £2000 in my spare time. I thought it was too good to be true but applied out of nosiness.

When I realised it was for Kleeneze, I threw it in the bin.  But something had piqued my interest so I retrieved it and started reading the info. I had a lightbulb moment and became very excited at the prospect of earning such a flexible income around my full-time job as a Fisheries Scientist. I earned £218 in my first month by dropping catalogues at the weekend and picking them up mid-week. I realised very quickly that the process was so simple, I could easily share this opportunity and teach others to do exactly what I was doing. It wasn’t rocket science.

I started introducing others and slowly started building my own team. We didn’t have the online capabilities back then, so it was a much slower operation and more work intensive compared to today, but over the next 8 years I worked every spare minute I had to be able to sack the boss and become a full time networker.  I had replaced my full-time income but working the hours I wanted to. Joining this fantastic industry was the best decision I ever made. The friendships and the memories shall always be treasured. 

When we lost Kleeneze in April last year, the one thing I knew I couldn’t do, was go back to being employed. The flexibility that this business gives you is unbeatable. I considered setting up my own dog walking business but I realised I would be much more restricted with the responsibility of such a business.

When we were told that VivaMK was launching, I felt like I was getting my life back. This incredible new venture has all the heart and soul of our old business but is fresh, vibrant and bursting with potential. We are incredibly excited at the future we have with VivaMK.

We joined as Pioneers, within the first 24 hours of launching and are delighted to be back offering our customers a diverse range of products and picking up those relationships we missed so terribly during our few months downtime.  We have a fantastic new team, many are old friends but we are enjoying introducing new people to our organisation and helping them earn an extra income in their spare time. 

We are incredibly proud of our success so far with this fledgling enterprise. We have personally sold over £10,000, whilst our fantastic team have turned over £57,000 since August. This is only the beginning of a tremendous partnership and we anticipate a very special future with VivaMK. 

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