Why Join Us?

I have been involved in network marketing since January 2007, when I joined Kleeneze.  I was in Kleeneze until the very end when it sadly went into Administration after almost 100 years of trading - very sad news I thought at the time!

However, a few months later, VivaMK was created from Kleeneze's Managing Director Michael Khatkar and I did not hesitate to join the company on registration date on 25th June 2018 and am very proud to be one of the VivaMK Pioneers.  I have never looked back!

VivaMK Beauty Brand Director.jpg

I am very privileged to be appointed as 1 of the small team of Beauty Brand Directors.  We are responsible for getting the beauty brand out there in front of people.

We have fantastic products that are comparable to the High Street and Named Branded products, plus ours are at very reasonable prices.  Take a look for yourself - https://vivamknetwork.com/beauty

I am a Business Development and Service Manager for a Telecoms Company and work long hours from home, linked up to my office in Hastings, East Sussex via Teams.  


When I originally joined Kleeneze back in January 2007 I was always part of the Directors Club due to the high level of personal sales. 

I have a beautiful daughter called Jessica.  Jessica used to always come out to do the catalogues or deliveries etc with us when she was younger .  Customers have often told her to keep the change, or given  presents for her at Christmas.  Get the whole family involved!  Spend time together and make it fun!  If you were at work, you wouldn't even see them, or be with them!  Our business is very family orientated and extremely flexible around any existing commitments etc.  Simply work when it suits you!

My full time job pays for all the boring stuff like bills etc, and the extra money I earn from my business pays for our lifestyle, holidays abroad and all the fun family stuff!

VivaMK Michael Khatkar & Emma Mackelden
Emma & Mark Mackelden VivaMK Pioneer certificate and badge.jpg
Michael Khatkar, Emma Mackelden, Jessica Mackelden VivaMK.JPG
Emma & Jessica Mackelden VivaMK